Regional Tournaments II (March 2013)

The tournament was on Saturday the 2nd of March 2013 and was located in Halden. I did participate only in Kata.

This time I didn’t have any specific preparations and did take it as it comes. I did have a good practice during the week. Though I didn’t get a good sleep, I woke up a few times during the night, but I still was in a good mood and felt fresh. I did have a OK breakfast.

During the warm up I drank a lot of water to maintain the balance. I was very focused this time, so focused that I in a “rude way” didn’t recognize Tove, who stood right in front of me, and I do apologize for “rudeness”. Even I was focused, I didn’t have the same “fighting spirit” as I did under the Wado Ryu Academy European Championship in Portugal.

There were 7 competitors in the class.

The first round was against Christian Haagensen (Sakura KK) and I chose Chinto. I felt that the performance was good. There was an unsteady movement in the last turn, which I was very irritated of. I did lost 5-0 against his Kanku Sho. He did win the next match and came to the final. That means there will be a repechage for me :)

In the repechage round I chose Wanshu against Richard Erichsen (Sakura KK). I felt that the performance was good too and won the round 5-0.

According to my feelings I was very pleased with my performance. There wasn’t any thing I could have done better at this time. The only thing I could say to my self was: “Very good job!” :)

Though there was still a few things that needs to improve.

What to do for the next tournaments:

  • Make faster and stronger techniques.
  • Have defined pauses.

1. Arne Wallan (Sakura KK)
2. Christian Haagensen (Sakura KK)
3. Fahim Azimi (Sakura KK)
3. T.Sang Tran (Trondheim KK)

My own video analysis:

  • The pauses were good, it could be more defined.
  • There was bad timing on certain sequences (after the jump, then the turn and the balance parts).
  • The balance parts, not the last one, were good. The techniques could have more power and the knee should be higher.


  • Stretch in correct Junzuki (the first technique).
  • The center of gravity and the body should be a bit forward in Mahamni Neko Ashi Dachi.
  • Generic good stances.
  • The jump was almost good.