National Championship (March 2013)

This was my second Nation Championship, which was on Saturday the 16th of March 2013 and was located in Bærum. I did participate only in Kata this year too.

I didn’t have an optimal dinner on the Friday. There was pizza on the menu, but I did kept away from soda and drank water instead. On Saturday I have a good breakfast, was in a good shape, focused and ready for competition.

I felt the warm up was OK, because I didn’t get enough time to get a proper warm up. What happened was that the class before me was finished earlier than expected, so I felt a bit stress and not ready.

There were 13 participants in the class and I did recognize a lot of them.

The first round was against Kjetil B. Vitsnes (Stavanger KK). I chose Jion against his Empi. Unfortunately I felt that the performance was not good during the presentation. As it did in many times earlier I felt that it was something that hold me back. I also got feedback it was clearly to others to see that I hold back. So the result was a lost of 3-2. He lost the next round against Paul M. Medhus (Tresfjord KK), so I was out of the competition.

I did have high expectation to be one of the top three in this year’s championship, but it ended with a very disappointed result. I was very disappointed in myself that I couldn’t make “the little extra” that is needed during the presentation. And the most disappointment was I don’t know how to bring out “the little extra”. I think I just have to keep on practicing, maybe one day I will get the answer. Though I was pleased to know that I have been better comparing to the previous Nation Championship, so I still going in the positive direction.

What to do for the next tournament:
For the next tournament I think it might be wise to be mental and physical prepared before the tournament. That means I should have been through the Katas a few times before the tournament day and before the class shall start. So I’ll be ready in case there will be little time for the warm up.

1. Arne Walland (Sakura KK)
2. Christiand Haagensen (Sakura KK)
3. Fahim Azimi (Sakura KK)
3. Paul M. Medhus (Tresfjord KK)