Swedish International Karate Open (May 2013)

This tournament was on Saturday the 25th of May 2013 and was located in Gothenburg (Sweden). For this tournament I did participated both Kata and Kumite (Senior -75Kg).

The preparation for this tournament wasn’t good because of an injury. Though I did try to do the best of the situation.

There were seven competitors in this class. They all were unknown for me.

The first round was against MAgnus Gustafsson (Gnosjö, Sweden) and as planned I chose Kanku Sho. I felt that the performance was very good, though I still felt that the Kokutsu Dachi and Kiba Dachi weren’t good. The result was a victory of 4-1 against his Gojushiho Sho.

The next round was against Afshin H. Moghadam (Linköpings, Sweden). For this round I chose Chinto. I felt that the performance was general good, except the “balance parts”. The stances were unsteady at this point. The result was a lost of 4-1 against his Gojushiho Sho.

There were only three competitor (including me) in this class.

It was a walkover for me in the first round and was therefor directly in the final. The final round was against Joakim F. Johansen (Troll KK, Norway). The last time I met him, it was a lost 8-0 before full time. So I count on that it will be better this time. Joakim has better techniques and managed to get two Ippon (3 points) with Jodan Mawashi Geri. I was relax and focused under the match, and managed to get four Yoku (1 points) med Chudan Gyakuzuki. The result was a lost of 9-4 after full time.

The warm up for Kata and Kumite was OK. Even I was focused, I still felt lack of the “fighting spirit”. Though I did my best and was pleased the performance. I was most disappointed that there were few participants in my classes.

What to do for the next tournament:

  • Practice Kiba Dachi and Kokutsu Dachi.
  • Practice Kanku Sho.
  • Learn Gojushiho Sho.
  • Learn Sochin.


  • Have a strategy for the fight.
  • Practice to follow up with techniques.


  • Practice flexibility.
  • Practice endurance.

1. Ashin H. Moghadam (Linköpings Shotokan KK, Sweden)
2. Stefan Vasic (Solna Fudokan-Shotokan KK, Sweden)
3. Yashpal Singh (Sanshin Karate, India)
3. T.Sang Tran (Sentrum Kampsport Klubb, Norway)

1. Joakim F. Johansen (Troll KK, Norway)
2. T.Sang Tran (Sentrum Kampsport Klubb, Norway)
3. Nedim Kirlic (Karlstads KF, Sweden)

Draw records:

Draw Records for Kata Seniors.
Draw Records for Kata Seniors.