International Banzai Cup Open (September 2013)

This tournament was on Saturday the 14th of September 2013 and was located in Berlin (Germany). I also did participated last year, but I only attempted in the Kata class. This year I participated in both Kata and Kumite (Senior -75Kg and Senior Open).

Preparation and goal:
The preparation of Kata and Kumite wasn’t that good as it should be. After the vacation my general stamina was in a bad shape, therefore I chose to focus on improving my stamina. So I could stay focus in the game and make good techniques.

There was origin ten contestants in this class, but two of them doesn’t showed up. I was unlucky with the draw, so I got walkover straight to the semi-final. In my opinion it would be more fun if I could participated all the rounds instead of having the walkover. Otherwise I did recognize two of the contestants, I did lost to one of them last year.

In the semi-final I competed against Anders Rasmussen (Danmark). We both chose Kanku Sho, but I did lost 0 – 3. I felt that my performance was fair, but that wasn’t my very best performance.

I chose Kushanku for the bronze final and the contestant was Philipp Beutler (Germany). The performance of Kushanku was good, I did have good with pauses and had focus through the whole Kata. Anyway I did lost 1 – 2 againt his Kanku Sho.

Kumite -75Kg:
There was 29 contestants in this class.

The first round was againt David Frankowski (Gernamy). My strategy was to be offensive and still be relax and calm. I manages to execute two good Gyakuzuki and got score for these techniques. Unfortunately I was also countered during my offensive behavior. The game ended with 2 – 2, but I did won on the judge’s decision.

In the next game I contested againt Dylan Janssens (Netherland). In this match I chose to be less offensive. After half way in the game I felt my legs got tired. My contestant has more stamina and did want the game 2 – 1. He did lost the next match and therefore I was out of the competition.

Kumite Open
There was origin 33 contestants in this class. Because of the delay, many of them didn’t showed up, so the class was reduced a lot.

My first match was against Andreas Suoranta (Stavanger KK, Norway). The fight was equals, but he was a bit better and want the game 2 – 0. He did lost his next match, and again I was out of the competition.

The warm up for Kata and Kumite was OK. Even I was focused, I still felt lack of the “fighting spirit”. Though I did my best and was pleased the performance. I was most disappointed that there were few participants in the Kata class.