Main window of Boligjakten.
Main window of Boligjakten.

During the time when I was looking for my own apartment, I wanted to register the apartments which were interesting, and also to find out how the marked was evolving. In the beginning I used LibreOffice Calc to do these registrations. After a while it was desirable to sort and find out which apartments I could be able to buy according to the financing. By creating a such system in LibreOffice was time consuming and ineffective.

Therefore I decided to develop my own application, which called Boligjakten, in English the “The Dream House”. My goal was to have a tool that could be “a helping hand” during the process of buying the apartment or house.

This application has the following main features:

  • Register apartment or house (basic information and images)
  • Register financing
  • Sorting support
  • Filter data based on the search or/and the financing criteria
  • Import and export data

Technical Information
The software is written in C++ and has following dependencies:

NB! The application is only available in Norwegian.

Development History
Read more about the development history here.

The software could be downloaded here.