Crazy Pong

During the easter vacation, when I was starting to learn about Unity3D, a game engine. I thought the best way to learn is actual to create a game. So on 24/03-2016 I initial started to recreate my previous Pong game. By using this tool, it doesn’t took much time before I got the game up and running. I have an ambition to improve this Pong game with a another game play than the classic one. This time I called my game for Crazy Pong.

Technical Details

Initial Started: 24/03-2016
Latest Release: 15/04-2016
Version 2.0.0
Language: C#
Tool: Unity 3D

Development History

Read more about the development history here.


Microsoft Window
Download Crazy Pong – Microsoft Windows x64.

The game requires DirectX to run. Please install the DirectX End-User Runtime if your Windows doesn’t has the package installed.