Sometimes I’m the technical manager for a WKF Karate tournament event in Norway on behalf of the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation. The task is mainly to prepare the draws and time schedule for the event, in addition to setup and manage the Sportdata Event Technology on the event day. In Norway, there are a special rules for kids between 7 to 10 years; there should no ranking and they have to get two matches. At the time of writing, there is no option to auto generate the draw that applied to the rule in Sportdata. Therefore I have to do this manually. It is here where the SETextra comes in. SETextra is a software that I have develop to make this task easier and faster for me.

The SETExtra can automatically generate a draw that applies the special rules, and also ensure that no athlete have to face the same competitor twice. In addition I have added an option to display a statistics over competitors in Kata and Kumite.


Connection: Support MySQL and H2 database.
Kata Import: Import of Kata.
Draw Suggestion: Suggest a draw that applies special rule for kids under 11 years old.
Statistics: Statistics over competitors in Kata and Kumite.

Technical Details

Initial Started: 07/02-2018
Latest Release: 20/03-2020 Version
Language: Java