Monthly Cost

Time to time I wanted to keep tracking of my monthly expenses. For years I have done this manually by keeping the receipts, and then entered the values into a sheet to get an overview. I felt this way is just time consuming. My desired was to track the expense right away after I have purchased something or a service, so I don’t have to do this later. The Monthly Cost app does exactly this for me. It’s has simple design, where you can easily add the expense. There are options to get an overview of recorded expenses.

There are two version of Monthly Cost, a FREE and a PREMIUM version. The PREMIUM is a paid version, and has options to export and import data.

Import Activity
Export Activity

At the time of writing I don’t have an iPhone, and therefore don’t have the possibility to create an IOS edition of the Monthly Cost.


Add Expense: Add an expense.
Edit Expense: Edit an existing expense record.
Delete Expense: Delete an existing expense record.
List Display: Display a list of expenses.
Char Display: Display expenses as chart.
Export Data: (Premium) Export data to a CSV file.
Import Data: (Premium) Import data from a CVS file.
Delete Data: (Premium) Delete selection of data.

Technical Details

Initial Started: 17/01-2018
Latest Release: 17/05-2018
Version 1.2.0
Language: Java


Free Version Download Monthly Cost (Free Version) on Google Play.
Premium Version Available upon request.