Stencyl Asteroid

During the “corona-virus” period in 2020 where we were suggested to be “sosial distancing” and schools are closed, I was thinking about my previous idea about how to teach programming for kids. And how it could contribute to some activities to do at home or inside. I like programming and would like more people, not only kids, but youths and adults as well, to learn how to do programming. The idea was to learn programming without requiring to write codes in the beginning. They would learn the basics of programming such as variables, loops, functions, etc. in a fun and creative way. And still have the possibility for more advanced programming challenges later.

For this project I was thinking to make video contents and have focus on the Norwegian speakers. I think starting in my own country and native language would be a good place to start. Each video contents (in my mind) should have the following requirements:

  • Contains at least one programming topic.
  • Easy to follow and understand.
  • Have visual results (either graphics or sounds) after end video.
  • Should be maximun 15 minutes long.

The tool should have following requirements:

  • Easy to use and no code writing is required.
  • Has the possibility to writing code.
  • Has good of documentations and tutorials.
  • Should be running on multiple platform (desired, not required).
  • Free to use and install.

In my previous project I found that Game Maker was suitable for this project, but sadly (at the time of writing) the new version had only a 30-days trial. Therefore I had to find a new tool that could be suitable before continue. With some search on the Internet I found that Stencyl maybe could be a good substitute. I was thinking for the first “curriculum contents” would to be to create a game from scratch. I decided to recreate the Asteroid game (from my previous project) in Stencyl, since I already have all the assets and game play design.

Game Features

Laser: The player and computer can shoot laser which could destroy ships and meteors.
Shield: The shield protect the ship for couple of seconds. Destroy meteors and ships during collision.
Health: Player's ship got damage during collision with meteors or laser of enemy ships. Player loose one live when health reach zero.
Extra lives: Player got one extra live for every 8000 scores.
Ships: After reaching a score of 6500 enemy ships would be spawn.

Playable Link


Technical Details

Initial Started: 30/03-2020
Latest Release: 11/04-2020
Version: 1.0.2
Tools: Stencyl
Licenses: MIT license for Asteroid game (other licenses for assets)

Source Code

Source code of the project is located here: Stencyl_Game_Asteriod.


Version 1.0.2 (11/04-2020)
Flash Game Asteroid-v1.0.2-flash.swf
Signature File Asteroid_v1.0.2-flash.swf.sig
Checksum File Asteroid-v1.0.2-flash.swf.sha

Stencyl Project Files