Stencyl – Where Is Valentina?

This game is created by my promise to a girl name Valentina. For her I created a game that challenges ones focus and eye reaction. In this game you will have an avatar which random hide behind a box and your challenge is to click on the box where she is hiding.

This game is created in Stencyl where you can do programming using code blocks. The tool also give you the possibility to write code using the language Haxe. For the opportunity of developing this game I also try to explore some programming in Haxe. I tought this could be handy when I will start to teach writing code in the project “Programming for You & Me”.

Playable Link


Technical Details

Initial Started: 02/02-2021
Latest Release: 07/02-2021
Version: 1.0.1
Tool: Stencyl
Language: Haxe