AI Occlusion of AR

When creating Augmented Reality (AR) applications, one of the challenges is to make the AR contents to be occluded (appears behind) by real world objects. The use of AR technology is to augment virtual objects into the real world and they would always be infront.

During my path to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI), I usual like to have in mind how this kind of technology could be benefited. As we now know that AR has some challenges when it comes to make its content to be occluded by real world objects. I know it’s possible that an AI can detect and recognise real world objects, so it should be possible to use these kind of techniques to make an occlusion of AR contents.

In the following video I’ll demonstrate a simple demonstration of the AI occlusion, as well as showing the different between a non-occluded and occluded AR contents using another technique provided from the ARCore by Google. This mobile app is created in Unity using its AR Foundation feature.