Augmented Reality Business Card

In business we all have a physical business card, a small piece of paper, to share with new customers, partners and other business relations. After working in the field of Augmented Reality for over a decade, I finally (“It’s better to be late than never.”) develop my own custom AR business card to show off the technology, and also have a base platform where I can do experiments related to AR.

For the initial phase there is a simple AR scene containing a robot named Kyle. I programmed Kyle that he always look at the camera, even when the camera goes behind him, he will then turn around to face it. He also have the capacity to walk to a destination chosen by the user. Developing these kind of features would gives me the opportunity to refresh the maths related to vectors, dot product and so on.

Technical Details

Initial Started: 20/09-2021
Latest Release: 02/10-2021
Version: 1.0.0
Tool: Unity
Language: C#