Swedish Karate Open (March 2013)

This tournament was date on Saturday the 23th March 2013, and was located in Malmö in Sweden. For this tournament I participate only in kata.

On Friday I did have a good meal, I ordered filet mignon with potatoes and a bottle of sparkling water. Unfortunately I went to bed two hours later than planned. The plan was to be in bed 21 o’clock and relax before sleeping. Anyway I felt fresh in the morning at 6 o’clock. I did practice through Wanshu, Chinto, Kushanku, Jion, Passai and Kanku Sho before the breakfast.

I started the warm up as soon I got to the tournament location. Before my class started, I did have a good warm up and was focus, still I didn’t feel “100% in the game”. I felt lack of “fighting spirit” because I didn’t got time to improve the kata since the last tournament, which was the last weekend. Anyway I was ready for the competition.

There was 23 participants in the class. I did recognize some of them and knew that they were good. My first match was against Alexander Turkalj (Halmstad, Sweden). I chose Wanshu and felt that I did have good pause and kime, but unsure that I had power in my techniques. Though I was pleased since I won the match 4-1 against his Enpi.

The next match was against Love Örterström (Wakajishi, Sweden). Unfortunately I lost the match 4-1 with my Chinto. I didn’t go 100% on the balance parts, because I was afraid of loosing my balance, as it did in the last two tournaments. Because of this, the blocks and kicks seams lack of power.

He did lost the next match and I was out of the competition.

In the end I was very pleased with my performance. I think the performance was much better than my previous performance during the annually Norwegian Championship. The participating of this tournament gave me the motivation to continue to improve my skills and preparing for the next tournament. For the next tournament I decide to participate both kata and kumite.

What to do for the next tournament:

  • Focus on hips movements and have correct center of gravity in the stances.
  • Learn Kanku Sho.
  • Prepare for kumite competition.

1. Sam Biranvand (Fagersta, Sweden)
2. Felix Falk (Wakajishi, Sweden)
3. Love Örterström (Wakajishi, Sweden)
3. Alex Whyte (KFA, England)

Draw records:

Kata Records.
Kata Records.